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William Strawcutter, Lead Attorney

William Strawcutter, Lead Attorney

Did you know the average timeshare owner spends over $980 per year on maintenance fees?

What’s worse is the fees consistently increase over time!
This means you are contractually obligated to pay your timeshare company thousands, even tens of thousands in future expenses. Our process for reviewing your maintenance and assessment fees are led by our founder, Attorney William Strawcutter.

Have your timeshare agreement reviewed today!

Not all timeshare owners were misled during the sales pitch, and millions of timeshare owners love their vacation ownership; however, if you are in the minority few who we’re a victim of unethical, high-pressure sales tactics or if the timeshare was misrepresented in any way, we can help. Thousands of timeshare owners, just like you, have obtained their goal of release from their ownership obligations, mortgage payments, and maintenance fees by settling their contract legally.

Let Strawcutter Law Do the Hard Work for You.

Resolving a timeshare dispute is not easy, but with the help of our experienced attorneys, Strawcutter Law may represent your interests in seeking relief of this burden. Freedom can become a reality. Here is the process:

Don’t Wait, Call Now!  Beware of Timeshare Exit Companies Who Claim To Work With Attorneys.

Work Directly With A Florida Licensed Attorney At Strawcutter Law.

“If I can give Strawcutter Law more than 5 stars, I would. Excellent service and very professional. We will be eternally grateful for all the guidance and support received when hiring William’s firm to get us out of our Timeshare. We highly recommend their services. They actually do what is promised.”

Step 1: Call to Schedule Your Free Consultation

Every ownership situation is unique. Because of this, our Consultant will sit down with you to review the specifics of your situation. During your consultation you will learn:
• What type of ownership you have
• How your ownership impacts your budget and financial goals
• How Strawcutter Law can help you
If you are like one of the millions of people with concerns or questions about timeshare ownership we will guide you through every detail you need to know. If you decide that we’re the right fit for your timeshare needs you will move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Case Preparation

Case preparation is key for a timely, successful resolution. We assign you a dedicated attorney led team to help you gather necessary documentation and complete paperwork. All documentation must be received before we can move forward with our representation.

Step 3: Case Strategy

Upon receiving all of the necessary documents, we will have a full picture of your ownership situation, allowing us to identify the best strategy for you. We put our total legal focus on your desire to transfer ownership or negotiate a release of your timeshare interest. Our multi-faceted approach has allowed us to obtain offers and releases from many of the largest and most well-known vacation ownership companies.

Step 4: Case Management

Timeshare exit companies do not have an in-house legal team which is what separates us from the rest. We are real Florida lawyers located in Orlando FL. We know how to manage timelines, due dates, draft and create legal memos, and communicate with legal departments of the large vacation ownership companies. We hold ourselves and our staff accountable for finding you the best legal resolution possible.

Step 5: Case Complete

We don’t close your case unless we have confirmation from your resort that you are fully relived of legal obligations attached to your agreement. When you hire Strawcutter Law, you get a partner for life. Should any issues arise regarding your former ownership, or you continue to receive unsolicited notices for payment from your resort, we are here to help you.

William Strawcutter, Lead Attorney

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