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The thought of losing your home can cause anxiety and fear to set in. Fortunately, there are legal options that can provide foreclosure defense to people who are experiencing difficulties with debt and meeting their mortgage payments. Throughout Central Florida, people seek Strawcutter Law because of our experience and skill when it comes to helping people with foreclosure defense and mortgage modification issues. We are here to help you feel more financially secure in your life while creating a blueprint for your future success.

Our foreclosure defense team serve clients throughout the Central Florida area with types of foreclosure defense situations, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as:

  • Stopping a judicial sale of your home at auction
  • Utilizing the short sale option or negotiating for a loan modification
  • Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Rolling your mortgage payments into a Chapter 13 payment plan
  • Filing a counter-action against the bank
  • Strategic mortgage default

Remember: If a foreclosure action has been filed against you it is a priority to contact us. Do not rely on a “do it yourself” approach when it comes to the minefield of foreclosure litigation. Sometimes you need a lawyer and this is one of those circumstances. We have seen many clients come to us in the late hour seeking a miracle; however, it is always best to have legal representation from the very beginning. If you have already been served with a notice of foreclosure, time is of the essence.

Our law firm can swiftly take steps to help you avoid foreclosure. We will aggressively negotiate to buy you more time to pay arrearages, adjust an interest rate, change a balloon payment schedule or have a whole new mortgage executed. Since banks are taking on more and more properties, they are more willing than ever to work with you so they can keep a mortgage active rather than taking on the bad debt and real estate holding.

Contact our office today at 407-268-6844 to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation and put yourself on a path to a better financial future.


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