Resort timeshare vacations can be both great escapes and painful financial nightmares with no escape. Companies offering experiences where you can vacation in a beautiful places are not a new concepts. However, there are still predatory schemes to protect yourself against.  During his 20 years, overseeing the Orlando based law firm Strawcutter Law.  Clients have shared with William Strawcutter, lead attorney, a long list of misuses of timeshare law during the free consultations. To help you better understand the dangers. We are sharing some free legal advice on what you should know before you sign and/or terminate your timeshare contract.



The industry overall has moved away from selling deed estates in exchange for rights of use.  This provides you points that offer’s freedom and mobility.  However, it is important to understand that what you have signed up for is merely a contract for fees.  If you have signed your contract and now are changing your mind, you may be able to exit under Florida’s ‘principles of contract law’ or better known as a cooling off period of 10-days.  Don’t waist time, act quickly and you may save yourself a headache.



In an effort to protect the purchaser from predatory schemes, the State of Florida has put in place a few statutes.  If any of the following occurred to you during the purchase process, you may still be able to terminate the agreement

  • The property would appreciate in value.
  • It was easily sellable (including back to the seller).
  • It could easily be traded for other locations, with no additional cost.
  • It would be rented by the timeshare company if you didn’t want to use it.


It is important to know that resale is an option, however, you still need to protect yourself during the resale process. Understanding that in the State of Florida it is prohibited for any broker, broker-salesperson, or salesperson to collect an advanced fee for the listing of a timeshare property.  Would be the first step to avoiding resale pitfalls.  To protect yourself throughout the additional steps of the resale process.  It is advised to work with a legal professional before you start. 


As you negotiate the steps above to protect yourself or terminate an agreement, you should also know that you can reach out to a list of government agencies designed to protect you.  If you have started the legal process of termination, we recommend filing a report.



Timeshare law is not well known and can be difficult to manage on your own.  Seeking out professional representation to help you navigate the dangers and scams of reselling your timeshare is highly recommended.  The team at Strawcutter Law are experts in the area of timeshare law.  We’ve worked first hand with clients dealing with the same challenges you are dealing with and we want to help get you get your life and finances back on track.  Give us a call for your free consultation today!  

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